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Call for Proposals

An increasingly complex business world requires financial professionals who can react to change, address challenges, and solve problems. Share your expertise in adaptive leadership with thousands of treasury and finance professionals—apply now to lead an educational session at the 2016 Annual Conference. Submissions will be accepted from November 30, 2015 through January 29, 2016.


For the 2016 Annual Conference, there will be a focus on solutions and insights that Break Boundaries and promote cooperation.


Top Ten Suggestions for an Effective Proposal

1. Write a paragraph rather than use bullet points—your session should be a narrative, not a list of ideas.
2. Your session title should outline a business or strategic problem faced by corporate practitioners and the solution that was implemented to resolve it.
3. Your proposal should explicitly state how your topic would benefit a corporate practitioner.
4. As best you can, use the name of the corporations involved in your proposal-A definitive story about a proven process is attractive to reviewers.
5. Submit or update the biography for every speaker-this adds professional credibility to your speakers and your proposal in general.
6. The AFP Staff is here for guidance—ask questions if you are unsure of an aspect of your submission.
7. Take some time to figure out what format you’d like to use-a format that fits a proposal perfectly will have more punch.
8. Look forward - A session about new issues corporates will be facing in coming years stands out from sessions that cover familiar topics.
9. Write clearly and use correct grammar-your description forms the basis for our marketing material.
10. Write and edit the proposal several times before you finally submit—taking the extra time will make the focus of the proposal clearer to the task force.


Proposal Topics

Proposed Session Topics:

At AFP, we constantly reach out our membership to tell us their business concerns and pain points and we have compiled some select comments. The lists, in no particular order, can help provide you some guidance - but by all means branch out and be as original as possible!

  • Payments Efficiency
  • Electronic Payments
  • AP/AR Efficiency
  • Payment Standards
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Mobile and Block Chain
  • Faster Payments
  • Healthcare Payments
  • Cards
  • Sustainability, Corporate and Social responsibility
  • Social Media
  • Technology Issues: Cloud Systems, Integration, technology solutions
  • Personnel Decisions
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Credit/ Counterparty Risk
  • ERM
  • Insurance
  • Cyber Risk
  • IRR
  • Fraud
  • Financial Modelling/ Excel Skills
  • B2B Payments
  • Financial Risks: FX and Interest rates
  • Mobile Payments-Competition between providers, Investment, Future proofing new technology
  • EMV, Payment Cards
  • Alternative Payments - Alternative currencies, ApplePay, etc.
  • Activist Investors
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • IPO: Treasury and Finance's role
  • De-risking DB/ DC plans
  • Cloud Technology
  • Presenting Data
  • Integration of Risk and Enterprise Performance
  • Leading Culturally Diverse Teams
  • Capex Planning
  • Liquidity
  • Talent Management: Financial Planning and Analysis
  • 401(k) Management
  • Fiduciary Risk
  • Reinventing the Workplace (The Energy Project)
  • Account Analysis
  • Bank Relationship Management
  • Working Capital
  • Cash Management
  • Balance Sheet Management
  • ERP
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Lease vs Buy
  • Improving Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Shortening the Budget Cycle (Value Added Activities)
  • Data Visualization
  • Standards
  • Analytical Skills and Tools
  • BRM-Cost Analysis and Containment
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Business Partnerships
  • Rolling Forecasts vs Rolling Budgets
  • Communication Skills
  • Global Treasury Centers
  • Making Decisions with Imperfect Data
  • Short Term Investments
  • The Complex Regulatory Environment
  • Analytical Skills and Tools
  • Netting/Pooling
  • Virtual teams

Proposal Guidelines

All Proposals Must Include:

  • Title (Maximum of seven words)
  • Description (Maximum of 150 words)
  • Topic Area
  • Session Takeaways
  • Pre-Requisites  
  • Proposal Format
  • Length (60 or 75 minute sessions)
  • Speaker Names and Bios
  • At least one corporate treasury and finance professional as a co-speaker.

The name of the corporate practitioner is not required for submission; however, there must be an indication of the type of practitioner that is planned for the speaking slot. In cases where similar proposal topics are being considered, the tie-breaker will be the caliber of the co-presenter proposed.

AFP's Annual Conference Educational Sessions are a non-commercial venue offering unbiased information to attendees. Sales pitches for products or services in the proposals are strictly prohibited and will be rejected immediately.

Deadline for proposals is COB January 30, 2016. Proposals are selected by a task force of senior corporate treasury and finance practitioners. Decision notification on all proposals will be done in March.


Session Information

Session Guidelines:

  • 60 minute sessions may have a maximum of three speakers. 75 minute sessions may have three speakers, plus a moderator.
  • Only ONE financial institution representative or consultant is permitted per session.

Session Descriptions Should Include:

  • A title that outlines a business or strategic issue faced by corporate practitioners and the solution that was implemented to resolve it.
  • An explanation of the strategic motivations for selecting the particular solution, and how this solution continues to drive business results.
  • A discussion of the cost savings and/or revenue enhancement; quality improvement; risk reduction; and improved efficiency and/or productivity.

Session Formats:

You will be asked to select a format for your presentation, and to form the content of your presentation around it. The please see below for the format choices:

  • Lecture or Moderated Panel: Speakers present in standard lecture format, with time for audience questions at the end
  • Simulation: Speakers present business scenarios, display possible choices for the audience to make in response, record the audience decisions, and discuss these findings under the framework of effective change management. (May not be a product or service demonstration)
  • Roundtable: Speakers(s) poses questions and frames the topic, but acts a moderator to an engaged and participatory audience
  • Workshop: Generally, a longer session (may take up to two time slots) and generally goes into more specifics about a topic or a skill, e.g., project management for treasury/finance, financial modeling tools and cash forecasting techniques. Speakers frame topic, allows audience members to break off into smaller groups to discuss and present their findings at the end of the session. Speakers may then discuss how these fit into trends they’ve been seeing in the industry
  • Point-Counterpoint:2-3 speakers discuss a debatable business process or solution, with at least one speaker focused on the pro-side of the argument and while at least one takes the con-stance. Audience input at the end of the session is highly encouraged.

If accepted, the description will need to be edited to no more than 80 words for marketing collateral and the program book. We would prefer a more thorough and specific description for the task force’s review in order to ensure an understanding of the topic to be presented.

Session Checklist for Approval:

1) All speakers must agree to provide a robust, substantive presentation deck to accompany their session, regardless of the format. The presentation must be presented on the PowerPoint template that AFP provides.

2) AFP’s mission is to provide unbiased educational content for its members and certification holders, who make up the majority of the audience. Speakers must not engage in any sort of sales activity during their session. Sales activity is reserved for the exhibit hall and for the numerous networking activities AFP provides. Sales activities include:

  • Product demonstrations of any kind
  • Extensive highlighting of any product or service and contrasting it with others; and
  • Brochures or Flyers with a sales tone-all take aways will be digital and available through the planner
  • Conducting sign in sheets or roll call-attendance may not be taken

Speaker Benefits

Speaker Benefits:

  • Complimentary conference registration for each speaker. As a nonprofit organization, AFP does not provide honoraria or travel expenses for presenters.
  • CTP, CCM, and FP&A Recertification Credits for presenting a session on a topic pertinent to treasury, finance, and financial planning and analysis. For more information, see the AFP website.
  • CPAs presenting a session are granted two CPE credits for presenting and one CPE credit for constructing the presentation materials.

Get Started

We ask that you write out the entirety of your proposal on a word document, and then paste the content into the corresponding fields in the submission portal. The portal times out after 30 minutes and returns you to the home page. Any session that has not been fully submitted or saved will be lost and will have to be re-entered, so it is best to have the entire proposal on hand for a seamless submission process.


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